Fall Cleanup

The fall is a great time to prepare your trees, shrubs and gardens for the spring time.  We can help by cleaning up the gardens and lawns them, prune your trees and shrubs and prepare the gardens for spring time.

Winter Cleanup

Get ready for spring! After a long winter, we can clean up downed trees, branches, as well as prune broken branches.

Trimming & Pruning

Aids in tree health, reducing tree mortality risk and removes dead wood which can be hazardous & detrimental to tree health.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Spring is the ideal time to prune fruit trees, young and old, for ideal growth and fruit production.

Winter moth & Brown tail moth management

We can provide prevention with tree wrapping and removal of nests.

Stone and Hardscaping

Experienced in constructing dry stone and wet stone features as well as many other hardscaping projects.

Preservation Arboriculture

Preserving historic or other significant trees by utilizing modern techniques & science based methods.

View Enhancement

Prune or remove trees for scenic purposes.

Tree Removal

Hazard trees or clearance issues around home or property, or removing trees no longer desired, invasive species, declining health, storm damage, or removing trees in poor location.


Trees & shrubs to enhance property planted by a licensed arborist to ensure they are planted correctly, safely and appropriately for site, species of tree and longevity of tree.


Support trees to reduce hazard risk to property and people, and increase life of tree.

Lot & View Clearing

Removal of understory and mature trees and other vegetation provides views and space for new construction, yards and scenic views.

Assessments & Consulting

We evaluate the health and safety of trees, as well as the entire property or area of interest. Provide short or long term recommendation plans for tree, plant and land management in a holistic and sustainable manner whenever possible.

Gardening & Landscaping

Ornamental garden installation including design, annual & perennial flowers, shrubs, trees, mulching & maintenance. We can also design and build custom raised garden beds.