Brown Tail Moth

Do YOUR trees have brown tail moth caterpillars?! ?

They often prefer oaks, rugosa rose, cherry, and shadbush among other species.

Call or message us to help with your trees. A little prevention goes a long way!



Tree Girdling

This is what happens when we tie or attach things to a tree and forget about them. Tree girdling kills and/or damages trees. Ropes, flagging, plastic, and staking are all potentially dangerous if left on trees because they damage the essential layers of the tree that transport food and water throughout the tree. So, wrap and attach wisely, and always remove if you want to prevent tree damage.



Standing Dead Trees

What are those standing dead trees you see while driving, on your property, or other forested areas?

Standing dead trees are also known as snags! While sometimes unsightly, if they do not pose a safety risk to a structure, people, or road for example, they are best left untouched because of the myriad of benefits they provide to our environment. While we provide tree removal services for snags and other trees, we advocate for leaving them when appropriate for land management. Birds can use them to catch insects, reducing pesky mosquito bites for humans! Snags are also filled with other bugs for birds to eat, provide hiding spots for animals, and also decompose creating nutrient rich soil. The list goes on and on.

If you need help managing snags or other trees on your property, we can provide and complimentary assessment.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this article: Did You Know? Dead Trees Play an Important Role


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